The Q Bulletin of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (ISSN: 1985-0131, e-ISSN: 2716-6554) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal addressing quality assurance (QA) or quality improvement (QI) study related to healthcare.  It is published annually in the second half of the year by the Centre for Healthcare Quality Research (CHQR), Institute for Health Systems Research. The journal allows for research studies that adopt QA / QI approaches, making it an appropriate platform for the sharing of local QA / QI studies. This is intended to facilitate the process of translating QA/QI study into policy and practice thus, serving the purpose of conducting a study. The Editors welcome original contribution from health-related backgrounds in the discipline of QA/QI.

In the early days, the Q Bulletin  served as a social bulletin where its publication was based on contemporary issues related to quality in Malaysian healthcare and special issue featuring the biennial National Quality Assurance (QA) Convention. The Q Bulletin was uplifted to a peer reviewed journal with the publication of its first issue, Vol 1 Number 28 in 2019 with a total of 6 articles.

Q Bulletin seeks to provide a central point for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and information on issues relevant in the field of QA / QI in healthcare. The editorial members hope that this notable effort will serve as a platform for the sharing of local QA/QI studies, and able to contribute to the translation of QA/QA study into policy and practice. Thus, serving the purpose of conducting a QA/QI study.