• Azleen Azna Mohd Khairil Hing Group Technical Solutions (GTS), Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Noorhidayah Hussein Group Technical Solutions (GTS), Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Hasnor Hassaruddin Hashim Group Technical Solutions (GTS), Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Structured production planning is very important to achieve good financial performance in the oil and gas industry. This is especially crucial in an integrated oil and gas supply chain which encompasses feed gas supply, gas processing plants, and petrochemical plants. In the current offshore production climate, the nature of feed gas qualities has evolved. Gas from offshore fields has progressed from having minimal to much higher CO2 content, exceeding the CO2 limits of existing gas processing plants. It is generally impossible to curtail productions from high CO2 gas fields, leading to a loss of revenue. Optimised blending of the feed gas sources is therefore vital to adjust to this changing environment. An intelligent production planning tool was designed to meet the multiple objectives of a gas plant and optimise production. The sales gas demand must first be met based on available feed gas supply and individual plant availability and reliability. Economic factors such as maximising profit from by-products were also factored in by ranking the loading of each processing plant and prioritising plants with higher recovery. Planning strategies were also tailored to each plant’s unique operational limits and turndowns, modes, and challenges. Combining these complex objectives and constraints into a powerful optimisation tool allows a new level of connected intelligence in the production planning of the gas processing complex. The innovative optimisation tool was officially released in 2019 and is currently utilised by production planners in different modes: long-term (5-year duration), medium-term (90 days), and daily operational planning. The planning tool was also designed to be digital-ready and equipped with much improved automation and robustness to embrace the digital transformation agenda. These optimised workflows would improve efficiency and ultimately result in better production planning and decision-making by plant personnel.

Keywords: Production planning


iCON® (Symmetry) User Manual (2020)
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