• M Nurulhuda M Saleh PETRONAS Gas Bhd¸ PETRONAS, Malaysia
  • Ahmad Syahmi Salim PETRONAS Gas Bhd¸ PETRONAS, Malaysia
  • Sharani Nizam M Sani PETRONAS Chemical Group, PETRONAS, Malaysia
  • Chua Kien Kek PETRONAS Group Technical Solution, PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The increasing needs to optimise the cost of operation for the oil and gas industry has put more significant demand for Engineers to seek innovative technology and enhanced process design application to save energy. One of the key areas to improve energy efficiency is combustion equipment which consumes a significant amount of fuel gas. The conventional method of air-fuel ratio control using excess oxygen at the exhaust stack is the most common mean of combustion control. This method is effective if the fuel gas composition is stable with minimum fluctuation in Gross heating value. In practice, most modern refineries, gas processing plants, and petrochemical plants have multiple fuel gas sources from flash gas or residue off-gas generated by the intermediate process. The composition can vary widely, making it challenging for conventional air-fuel ratio control via access oxygen. A sudden change of the fuel gas composition can potentially result in unpredictability combustion, leading to equipment inefficiency and the possibility of causing damage to the equipment & product quality, thus leading to economic loss.

Wobbe index analyser can determine the exact heating value of fuel gas used for combustion and thus eliminate unstable fuel gas composition issues. The Wobbe index analyser provides compensated value to fuel gas control system to enhance the air-fuel ratio control, leading to more efficient energy management of combustion control equipment.


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