Malaysian Journal of Sport Science and Recreation (MJSSR) has grown from the early Dean of Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation (FSR) UiTM, Professor Dr Muhd Kamil Ibrahim and it is a continuous affort and conjoined vision of all other FSR deans since 2001. The first journal’s editor-in-chief was Associate Professor Dr Kwame Ampofo-Boateng, who moved from FSR for career advancement. However, MJSSR is apparently considered as the one’s issue of Malaysian’s setting of Sports Science and Recreation (broadly-defined) journal. It is hoped that this journal would be an avenue for high quality academic research papers aimed in sharing ideas, findings and reflections of academic world in Malaysia or abroad.


Malaysian Journal of Sport Science and Recreation (MJSSR) particularly welcomes innovative or interdisciplinary and cross demographical approaches that incorporate various aspects of sport science, sport management and recreation, and even sport extension and MJSSR welcomes variety of papers which includes:

  1. Analyses of practice in either sport science, sport management and recreation or cross sectional in multidiscipline paper, which could be supported by theory and/or sound data;
  2. Reports of empirical studies containing new quantitative and/or qualitative data, which address significant theoretical and/or applied research concerns likely to further our understanding of sports science, management and recreation;  
  3. Quantitative reviews of existing research aimed at developing new insights into a field or research and/ or practice;
  4. Papers that focus on new theories and conceptualisations;
  5. Critical reviews of literature; and 
  6. Prescriptive articles advocating changes in research paradigms, methodology, or insights into a field of research and/or practice.

As far as basic research could answer the fundamental questions about the nature of the influence of sport science, sport management and recreation on sport behaviour and performance. Applied research is concern with looking into solution for practical problem. It is clear that both basic and applied research approaches are important in furthering our knowledge and understanding of sport science, sport management and recreation.

On top of this, MJSSR with the idea towards collaboration by cross sectional journals’ continentally with various academics body and/or individuals that are interested to be part of the MJSSR in contributing to the multidiscipline fields of expertise, as prior movement the Faculty of Sport Science and Recreation UiTM was established as one of the research centres branch of Pan-Asian Society of Sports and Physical Education (PASSPE) as far as the South East Asia chapter was concerned.