Mobile Eateries: Occidentals & Malaysia Chronicles

  • Mohd Remie Mohd Johan Universiti Malaya (UM) & UCSI University
  • Md. Azalanshah Md. Syed, Assc. Prof. Dr.
  • Hamedi Mohd Adnan, Prof. Dr.


Malaysia might simply be described as a gourmet paradise, given the distinctiveness of its food, beverages, and food cultures. Gastronomy encompasses an appreciation for diverse social, cultural, and historical components, as well as literature, philosophy, economics, and religion, all of which revolve around food. Mobile eateries, which include hawkers, street food vendors, and food trucks, have significantly contributed to the holistic gastronomy concept in Malaysia as a food paradise. Mobile eateries in Malaysia also continue to grow and have significant contributions to the growth of the national socio-economic in Malaysia.

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