Hotel Website Quality and its Influence on Customer Purchase Intention in Selangor, Malaysia

  • Aslinda mohd shahril universiti teknologi mara
  • Muhammad Syazani Ghazali universiti teknologi mara
  • Nur Aina Shuhada mohd Norzeri
  • Nur Ain Shafika mohd rosle



In the hotel industry, a website is an initial place where customers look for information. The website is running at all times and, the website must present information attractively and manage appropriately. Websites are the backbone of digital marketing and selling strategy for hotels and can influence buying behaviour. Consequently, this study is conducted to identify the relationship between website information quality and website system quality in influencing customer purchase intention. This study employed a quantitative method, and a total of 427 respondents participated in this study. A set of self-administered survey questionnaires were distributed using Google Form through Facebook page and WhatsApp to working residents in Selangor, and it took about a month to complete the data collection process. The questionnaire was then analysed using SPSS statistical tool, and it was found that there is a moderate relationship between those variables. The study highlights the importance of system information quality in the hotel website to influence customer purchase intention to book the hotel.


Author Biographies

Muhammad Syazani Ghazali, universiti teknologi mara


Nur Aina Shuhada mohd Norzeri


Nur Ain Shafika mohd rosle




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