Instruction for Authors


Online Submission

1. Any article submission must be accompanied by cover letter. Sample cover letter can be obtained from the link below:

Sample Cover Letter

2. Articles should be written in English in the Microsoft Word format. 

3. The article pages should be in the range of 6-10 pages. 

4. JoA only accepts original empirical research articles. Does not accept reviews, short communications and conceptual research articles.

5. The article’s body should contain the following elements: -

    a. Abstract (not more than 250 words)

    b. Introduction

    c. Methods

    d. Results and Discussion (Tables and Figures should follow JoA guidelines in the template)

    e. Conclusion

    f. Acknowledgement (if applicable)

    g. References (follow APA format style and avoid internet-based references).

6. For a proper guideline in article preparation, kindly download JoA’s template as shown in Paper Format below and adhere to the given detailed guidelines.

JoA Template

7. The revised manuscript should be accompanied by Author Reply Form containing detailed explanation on the reviewer comments. Kindly use the given Author Reply Form below:

Author Reply Form

8. Paper Submission - Video Tutorial