Kesan Pandemik Covid-19 Terhadap Kesihatan Mental Masyarakat di Malaysia: Kajian Sorotan Literatur Sistematik

  • Mohd Izwan Mahmud
  • Mohd Khalid Mohd Nasir


Since 2019, there are many drastic changes at global level due to Covid19 outbreak. In Malaysia, many people are badly affected especially their mental health.  Thus, this study was conducted to study the effects of Covid19 pandemic towards the community members’ mental health and identify the themes of the study of mental health issues. In addition, the researchers attempted to promote studies on this area. The researcher had identified relevant research themes through Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) approaches. The articles studied are published between 2019 until 2022. These articles were obtained from a few platforms namely Google Scholar, UKM Institutional Repository, Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus databases. These articles were further selected in order to ensure that they are relevant to the research aim of this study. Generally, the findings of this study indicate that there are four main themes namely (1) the level of mental health; 2) factors affecting their mental health; 3) mental health and resilience 4) efforts to address their mental health issues. It is hoped that the findings of this study could help the relevant authority in developing more effective measures to curb mental health issues among the community.


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