Pengalaman Pelajar Fakulti Pendidikan UKM Bangi terhadap Pembelajaran atas Talian semasa Pandemik Covid-19

  • Aimi Shatirah Mohamad Shukran Miss
  • Nurfaradilla Mohamad Nasri


The purpose of this study is to explore the online learning experience of students from Faculty of Education, UKM, Bangi during pandemic Covid-19. This research is conducted by using qualitative method through interview sessions with four respondents via online and face-to-face. The analysis that has been conducted is based on student’s acceptance towards the teaching and learning’s structure and materials and their experience with online learning. The finding shows that the students has adapted to the new norm in learning as there are no major differences except for the medium and learning environment that they face are varied. Furthermore, respondents also stated that there are some challenges and adversities in going through changes towards online learning. Internet access, limited interactions, motivations and learning environments that are insufficient are among the elements that the respondents face as circumstances throughout online learning. This research hopefully will provide a bigger picture on the current situation of the students and the online learning structure that has been held through this pandemic covid-19.


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