INTI: Jernal Perintis Pendidikan Senilukis dan Senireka was first published in December 1977, Universiti Teknologi MARA (formally known as Institut Teknologi MARA) as a useful way to provide knowledge in highlighting the importance of art and design as a discipline, which is also enriched with philosophical, aesthetic and humanistic values. 

The publication of INTI aims to be the forum for academics and practitioners to write and publish their latest work. The primary purpose of this journal is to act as a channel for the publication of research work undertaken at Universiti Teknologi MARA as well as other institutions. It serves to disseminate to the public results of current and ongoing research projects conducted by academics in various fields of creative industries. INTI is a peer-reviewed publication that includes texts in Malay and English and is managed by an autonomous Editorial Board drawn from staff members of the University. The Board is assisted by a panel of distinguished scholars from local and foreign universities. The principles of the journal that determine the selection of the material to be published are the intrinsic quality of the works, variety of the methodological and theoretical spectrum illustrate in the approaches.

As the journal continues to grow, starting from August 2017, INTI was revamped. The journal welcomes the submission of articles in the related themes but is not permitted to Theme 1: Arts Education – Teaching and learning art practices, ways of learning, ways of seeing, art pedagogies, art and self-inquiry. Theme 2: Arts Theory And History – Theories in art history, aesthetic, continuity and changes in art histories, art movements, art products, ethics of art. Theme 3: New Media, Technology And Design – Digital arts, moving pictures (Multimedia, film etc), design technologies, online arts, mixed media, virtual art forms. Theme 4: Social, Political And Community Agendas In The Arts – Art festivals, arts and identities, art spirituality, museums, galleries and art institutions, arts policy, human rights in arts, art and globalization, art as propaganda. Theme 5: Visual Culture – Cultural studies, critical studies, philosophy of arts, media studies. Theme 6: Anthropology, Archaeology & Sociology- Human behaviours and societies, cultural anthropology, artefacts, conservation, preservation, restoration, social interaction, social structure.

Starting from year 2018, INTI: Jernal Perintis Pendidikan Senilukis dan Senireka is now known as International Journal of INTI. Published online two times a year (July and December) and articles are published in Malay or English.