Improving Customer Satisfaction in E-commerce: A Survey among Generation Z in Malaysia

  • Wong Min Wei UCSI University
  • Leow Lee Yi UCSI University
  • Mohd Remie Mohd Johan UCSI University
  • Noor Zira Azlin Md Zaki
  • Shao Zhucheng Heriot-Watt University


This study focuses on the issue of improving customer satisfaction in e-commerce platforms in Malaysia through the relationship between price, security, product quality, and delivery service. The issue is due to high consumer dissatisfaction with the e-commerce business platform, resulting in low customer satisfaction. Customers' satisfaction behaviour toward an e-commerce platform can be impacted by their usage of e-commerce websites, resulting in goals being accepted and satisfied. This study targeted to improve satisfaction among generation Z customers in Malaysia through convenience sampling. As a result, in this study, 384 Malaysian generation Z customers were chosen. This study used a self- administered questionnaire for the data collection. Data were analyzed using the normality test, reliability test, and Pearson's correlation coefficient analysis. The result found that price, security, quality, and delivery service in e-commerce platforms positively contribute to generation Z satisfaction. The result contributes valuable insight into business performance in the growing e-commerce platform.


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