Measuring Perceived Stress and Burnout during Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

  • Noor Saatila Mohd Isa UiTM Perak
  • Norul Akma Mansor
  • Norhayati Zamri
  • Liyana Ab Rahman


The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry including educational institutions. The change from traditional learning methods to online learning has created a new learning environment.  Students need to adjust to a new norm of attending online lecture, connecting with lecturers and classmates virtually, and chasing deadlines for submitting work while also scheduling time for self-revision. This situation can create another issue for students which are stress and burnout during Open and Distance Learning (ODL) sessions. Hence, the purpose of the study is (1) to assess the level of perceived stress and burnout among accounting students during ODL session; and (2) to determine the relationship between accounting students’ perceived stress and burnout during ODL session. An e-survey was used to deliver a set of questionnaire to accounting students on their perceived stress and burnout experiences, with a total of 314 respondents in the final sample. Perceived Stress Scale and Maslach Burnout Inventory Student Survey (MBI–SS) were used to measure the perceived stress and burnout respectively. According to the findings, half of the respondents were suffering burnout from never to almost every week, while the other half were suffering the same burnout from every week to everyday. Half of the respondents feel from never to sometimes for certain perceive stress identified while other half feel from sometimes to very often. A substantial positive association between perceived stress and burnout was found, implying that the higher the perceived stress, the more burnout the students will feel during ODL session.

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