Retailers' Response to Digital Transformation in the Industry: A Manager's Perspective

  • Sarah Irdina Ridzwan
  • Anizah Zainuddin


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, work disruptions were primarily linked to emerging technologies and expanding trade relations. However, the pandemic has highlighted the significance of the physical aspect of work. This study examines the effects of the growing prevalence of e-commerce in the retail sector by gathering insights from 20 retail managers. The participants were asked to provide their perspectives on the industry's transformation driven by digital advancements. The content analysis shows that the retail industry is changing rapidly and requires a deeper understanding of its driving forces. To keep up with the industry's digital power, future workforce management must implement appropriate strategies. One such strategy is transitioning to the future of work, which requires retail workers to acquire new skills to keep up with technological changes. To remain competitive, retailers must re-examine the in-store shopping experience.  Strategic decisions should be made to optimize the workforce and focus on smarter operations. Effective inventory management can be a key differentiator for stores in a competitive market. With the right information, managers can make more informed business decisions. Digitizing the workforce can enhance employee engagement and productivity, resulting in cost savings that can be redirected to improving the customer experience. Further research is required to generalize the findings of this study. This can assist retailers in planning their business to achieve operational efficiency while remaining competitive.  


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