Navigating Uncertainties: A Comprehensive Review on Change Factors in Healthcare Construction Projects

  • Azzah Othman
  • Jasmine Ahmad
  • Mimi Fitriana Zaini


Healthcare construction projects are complex and considered as dynamic environment that are constantly changing, reinvented, and reworked. These occurrences continue throughout the entire project lifecycle. Each healthcare project aims to deliver high-quality of healthcare services. Yet uncertainties are inherent in these projects which significantly impact their outcomes. In a recent report published by the Public Work Department, more than 90% of hospital projects across Malaysia are categorized as underperforming. The report mentioned that the scenario was due to ineffective project management, which ultimately led to extreme delay considered futile. This study explores the multifaceted nature of uncertainties in healthcare construction projects that shape the trajectory of change within these projects, which ultimately determining their success. A systematic literature review was conducted on relevant previous research works in the field of change management in healthcare projects. The analysis of these studies leads to the identification of the factors affecting change in a project setting. The finding reveals that the five main factors affecting change order in healthcare projects are medical technology, design and scope, operational, external environmental, and contractor. In addition, several future-proofing approaches were adopted as a mitigating strategy towards improved change management. This study underscores the significance of recognizing and addressing uncertainties in healthcare construction projects. It provides insightful contributions for project professionals in navigating change management while balancing the force of project uncertainties and maintaining performance that meets the project’s intended functionality and success.  



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