Impact of Broadcaster's Social Presence and Ad Content Persuasiveness on Impulsive Purchase Behaviour in China Live Streaming: A Mediation Analysis of Arousal and Emotion

  • Liu Shukun
  • Ooi Kok Loang


The rapid rise of live streaming in China has revolutionized digital communication and e-commerce, merging entertainment with instant consumer interaction. This study delves into the impact of suggestive advertising on impulsive buying behavior within the Chinese live-streaming market, employing the Elaboration Likelihood Model and Emotional Response Theory to analyze viewers' cognitive and emotional processing. Through a mixed-method approach combining quantitative surveys with qualitative interviews, this research captures insights from Beijing and Shanghai to explore how live streaming influences consumer behavior. Key findings indicate that suggestive advertising effectively triggers impulsive purchases, particularly when mediated by broadcasters' social presence and emotional engagement. This study highlights the nuanced interplay between technology, advertising strategies, and consumer psychology in shaping modern buying habits.  


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