Immersive Technology for Heritage Culture Preservation: A Conceptualization to Visualization Framework

  • Aloysius Yapp
  • Foo Chuan Chew
  • Chia Mei Si
  • Lim Chai Kim
  • Lu Huang Chen
  • Goh Kiang Kuan


With the speed at which technology is developing today, legacy cultural preservation is facing previously unheard-of difficulties. This study presents a new paradigm for promoting cultural heritage using immersive technology. To bolster this writing, the Nature, Technology, and Humanities Model has also been incorporated. The technique starts with a thorough conceptualization process based on the 5 W 1 H framework (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How). It then moves through phases of research, design, and development. This framework incorporates user behaviour research to continuously improve and optimize the preservation efforts in addition to making it easier to create immersive experiences. Our framework seeks to engage and captivate modern audiences while provide a foundation for the preservation of historic culture.  


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