Addressing the Heterogeneous Landscape: An In-Depth Analysis of Issues in Ensuring Parcel Safety in Last-Mile Delivery

  • Nurhaiza Nordin
  • Nurnaddia Nordin
  • Nik Syuhailah Nik Hussin
  • Zuraimi Abdul Aziz
  • Dzulkifli Mukhtar


This study explores the complex field of last-mile delivery with the goal of offering an in-depth analysis of the various difficulties related to guaranteeing parcel safety. In a time of swift advancements in technology and elevated customer demands, the last-mile portion of the delivery process becomes paramount importance. The research design in this study is quantitative. A quantitative research design involves the collection and analysis of numerical data to understand and quantify consumer experiences with last-mile parcel delivery. Total sample about 245 questionnaires were collected and the analysis using SPSS software. This study used a range of quantitative techniques, such as frequency analysis, mean, and standard deviation computations to investigate issues in ensuring parcel safety during last-mile delivery. The study employs statistical tests to investigate possible variances across demographic factors in addition to identifying critical difficulties. The results provide comprehensive insights into the most and least difficult components of the last-mile delivery environment. The study's conclusions highlight how important it is to deal with these issues in order to improve consumer satisfaction, operational effectiveness, and service quality. The research offers helpful advice for courier industry stakeholders on everything from handling competence difficulties and regulatory obstacles to simplifying equipment requirements and navigating a fiercely competitive market. Moreover, a thorough examination of the discrepancies between consumer experiences and expectations provides information about areas that need strategic interventions.     


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