Live Streaming Commerce: Malaysian Consumers’ Purchase Intention on Live Streaming Media

  • Tan Kock Lim
  • Kang Boon San
  • Wong Khang Siang


The way people buy things and advertise them has changed because of new and improved technology. Most Malaysians now use online shopping to buy things from websites like Shopee or Lazada. E-commerce has changed over time and now includes social media e-commerce and live streaming commerce. Live commerce is a new way to promote products and services by connecting customers, brands, items and streamers in real-time. In China, many people like to watch live shows where a person sells things online. This is called live commerce and is done by skilled broadcasters on special websites. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Shopee and Facebook started to use live videos to sell products to customers. This research aims to help businesses and streamers in Malaysia learn how to attract more buyers and achieve their goals in live-streaming commerce. This idea has figured out how five factors affect Malaysian people's decision to buy live streaming and understand how excited they are to purchase it. These factors were parts gathered from previous studies, including product uncertainty, streamer trustworthiness, information completeness, social interaction, and perceived enjoyment. The research was done online and had 152 young people aged between 18 and 40 answering questions. Descriptive, normality, validity, correlation and regression analyses were performed using SPSS. The findings show streamer trustworthiness, information completeness, social interaction, and perceived enjoyment have a positive impact on Malaysian consumers’ purchase intention for live commerce.    


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