Analysis of Packaging Recycling Mode in Chinese Express Delivery Industry

  • Yang Yuchun
  • Rahinah Ibrahim1 Ibrahim
  • Athira Azmi
  • Mohd Idris Shah Ismail


With the widespread adoption of smartphones and Internet technology, China's express delivery industry has experienced explosive growth. Concurrently, this surge has resulted in the substantial generation of express packaging waste, leading to substantial resource wastage and environmental pollution. There is a need to improve reuse of express packaging in order to reduce the express packaging garbage, and recycling constitutes a crucial step in the reutilization of express packaging materials. The purpose of this study is to investigate the recycling patterns in Chinese Express Industry. This study employed a systematic literature review synthesis method to assess trends, identify gaps, and recommend future approaches to enhance the reuse of express packaging. The focus was on analysing the recycling status, influencing factors, and improvement strategies related to express packaging recycling. Research findings indicate that the recycling of express packaging is confronted with challenges such as high recycling costs and low recycling efficiency in China. Therefore, this paper proposes the combination of low-cost standardized packaging for express delivery, along with consumer awareness of environmental protection and an efficient recycling system, can significantly boost the recycling and reutilization of express delivery packaging. This study will contribute to enhancing the reusability and recycling of express packaging by improving the recycling process, thereby reducing the generation of express waste and minimizing resource wastage.    


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