An Investigation of Online Consumers' Choices of Textiles and Clothing Color and Design

  • Reham Sanad Damietta University


This study investigated online consumers’ purchase behaviour towards the colour and design of textile clothing. Bestseller products on Amazon's e-shop were collected for four categories in women’s clothing: Coats, jackets, vests, skirts, dresses and tops, tees, and blouses. The best-seller products ranked from the highest to the least at identified retrieval time were analysed for each category. The analysis was based on mixed methodology, combining qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse collected data relevant to colour and pattern design and the frequencies of choosing them. It was found that black was the most desired colour by online shoppers, followed by White. Therefore, black and white shades -not considered colours - are the most purchased online. This result would be due to these shades' independence from visual display qualities. This finding would interpret the challenge of marketing clothing and textile products through e-stores. Multi-colour designed textiles occupied the second position in textile design and colour. These results mean that online consumers preferred black and white shades and a designed clothing textile. Therefore, textile print design products could be more prominent in online markets than plain products of various brightness and saturation levels. These research findings support textile print designers in considering the specifications of online products in terms of design attributes, listing, and competitive advantage.


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