Study on the Current Status of Digital Resource Construction of Non-legacy Archives in Chinese Archives: Examining 31 Provincial Comprehensive Archives as Objects

  • Fei Liu
  • Khor Teik Huat
  • Lei Qin


As one of the unique archival resources, ICH archives are of pivotal significance in preserving the appearance of the surviving heritage, inheriting the historical memory of the nation, and prospering and spreading the excellent Chinese culture. The article takes 31 provincial comprehensive archives in China as the object of investigation, and investigates the digital resources of ICH archives in Chinese archives, in terms of the number of archives built, the content of construction, resource integration, updating and maintenance, and other aspects of the construction of the profile. It is found that the digital resources of China's non-heritage archives have the problems of uneven archiving resources, unfulfilled construction content, and low efficiency of resource integration. Aiming at these problems, the article proposes to strengthen the participation of diversified subjects, unify and standardize the classification and integration of resources, and innovate the multi-structured dissemination and utilization of archives from the level of "subject-resource-communication". In order to provide useful reference for the protection, development and utilization of ICH archives in China.    


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