Examining the Research Trends in Energy Resources: A Bibliometric Mapping Technique

  • Noor Syazwani Ishak
  • Mohd Firdaus Roslan Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology
  • Khairul Hafezad Abdullah
  • Zahemi Azul Islami
  • Suriani Shariman


Energy resources are materials or systems that store energy that can be converted into useful forms, like electricity, heat, or mechanical power. They're the powerhouses that drive our modern world, powering our homes, industries, and transportation. This study aims to explore energy resources research-related publishing patterns and rank the most used author keywords in the Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) databases. The eminent software, ScientoPy and VOSviewer, are used to run and execute relevant publication data retrieved from Scopus and WoS. The results showed a positive trend in the growth of energy resources literature in both databases since 2010. The top three research areas that dominate this topic are “engineering”, “energy & fuels”, and “science & technology - other topics”. Based on the country analysis, China has become an active publisher, followed by India and United States. Importantly, this study emphasised the scholarly practices prevalent in energy resources research have impressively propagated. The trends will assist researchers in recognising the various fields in identifying the core areas, proactive institutions, and productive authors published in this knowledge for supplementary investigation. Besides, by examining the most popular keywords, the results of this study enable researchers to discover the possibility for future research that may be conducted, particularly concerning the annual growth rates, which have been trending in the last five years.


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