Research on the Improvement Effect of Informatization Level After the Implementation of IS in Aluminum Enterprises

  • Min Tu
  • Guangbo Lin Baise University, Baise City, China


 With the rapid development of a new generation of information technology such as the Internet, big data, Artificial Intelligence Applicationsand other information technologies, the informatization construction of aluminum enterprises has also received unprecedented attention and support. Through informatization, aluminum enterprises can achieve the goals of automation of the production process, intelligent management decision-making, and precise marketing, and improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise. However, the development of informatization in aluminum enterprises faces many challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, traditional informatization systems are difficult to meet the complex and changing business needs of modern aluminum enterprises; on the other hand, emerging information technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, etc. bring more possibilities and opportunities for aluminum enterprises. Therefore, luminum enterprises need to continuously explore and innovate to actively respond to the challenges and opportunities of information technology development. In this paper, we will analyze the current situation of information technology development in aluminum enterprises and discuss its future development trend


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