The Relationship of Organizational Culture and Patient Safety Culture on Service Development in The Hospital Dr. Ario Wirawan Salatiga

  • Sri Hariyanti Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
  • Anton Agus Setyawan
  • Iwan Setiawan Adji
  • Jati Waskito


Abstract: The primary objective of his research is to examine the relationship between the organizational culture and patient safety culture at the Dr. Ario Wirawan Pulmonary Hospital in Salatiga, specifically in the context of service development. Dr. Ario Wirawan Salatiga admitted 99 participants to the study at Lung Hospital. Data collection was conducted through the use of a questionnaire. Utilizing a non-probability sampling method for the sampling procedure. The data analysis technique included multiple linear regression analyses. The study's findings indicate that organizational culture has a pivotal role in stimulating service growth, exerting a distinct and substantial influence. The study's findings clearly indicate that the most prominent part of patient safety culture in hospitals is "teamwork in units." Conversely, the aspects that need enhancement include "staffing" and "handoff and transition." (2) A robust safety culture has a substantial and beneficial impact on the advancement of services.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Work Safety Culture, Service Development


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