Initiatives in Combating Corruption in Malaysia: A Way Forward

  • Nuralia Jamila Ali


Corruption is a heinous crime. The offence happens at all levels of society and nations. Corruption has hindered the efficiency of a country's governance and administration system. Since the 1950s, Malaysia has made several efforts to combat corruption. However, despite several efforts, corruption is still the main threat and serious offence, as reported in the Annual report 2021 by the Bank Negara Malaysia. Thus, this paper examines and analyses the initiatives undertaken to combat corruption cases in Malaysia. This study employed qualitative research by analysing the primary and secondary legal sources and the official reports and documents by authorities. In this relation, this paper is significant as it provides the legal and economic perspectives to raise the issues related to corruption based on international requirements and the Malaysia scenario. This paper also provides recommendations for adopting Singapore's anti-corruption policy and preventive measures to improve Malaysia's initiatives and action in combating corruption.


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