Assessment of Water Quality at Padang Terap River In Kedah, Malaysia

  • Nurhidayah Sabri
  • Siti Nurshahida Nazli


Despite being an odorless and tasteless liquid at room temperature, water has is the most vital element for all living things. A sanitary survey is an on-site assessment of the water source and its sufficiency, as well as the facilities, equipment, operations, and maintenance of a public water system. In this study, the major focus is on evaluating a few criteria to ascertain the level of river water purity, including pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, conductivity, and chlorine residue levels. Eight study areas along the Padang Terap River, including Kg. Kuala Lanjut, Alatar Terusan Tengah, Kg. Banggol Temak, Kg. Kerkau, Kg. Bukit Kechik, Kg. Chegar, Kg. Lubuk Ular, and Kg. Keda Tanjung Setul, have been selected as sample stations. Turbidity, colorimetric, pH, DO, and conductivity meters are among the instruments used to calculate the value for the physical test of a water sample. Chemical and microbiological factors were examined in the laboratory for the investigation of water quality. Within 24 hours, 56 bottles of water from 8 sampling sites were sent to the laboratory for chemical sample examination. The finding shows compliance with standard for the physical or chemical samples, except for the microbe sample taken from Kg Banggol Termak and Kg Kerkau station. The station's non-compliance with standard of E. coli and total coliform shows contamination from microbes most probably caused by adjacent restaurants and agricultural sites. Assessment of water quality in water treatment plant nearby shows compliance with standard proving the effectiveness of water treatment in Kedah, Malaysia. In conclusion, ensuring water quality is of paramount importance for the health and well-being of both human populations and the environment. Monitoring and managing water quality involve continuous efforts to mitigate pollution, preserve natural water sources, and adopt sustainable practices.


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