Application of Bronze Drum Culture Gene Extraction in Product Design

  • Shanyu Chen UPM
  • Nor Atiah Ismail
  • Norhuzailin Hussain
  • Guangbo Lin


The bronze drum stands as a profound testament to the rich historical and cultural tapestry of China's diverse ethnic minorities. Beyond being a mere artifact, it serves as an intricate art form that harmoniously melds manufacturing, craftsmanship, music, and dance. With its exceptional historical significance, the bronze drum is rightfully recognized as an intangible cultural heritage, embodying a legacy that transcends time. This article centers its focus on traditional bronze drums, specifically honing in on samples representing eight distinct types from the Zhuang people in Guangxi. Employing pattern induction and the semantic induction method, the research investigates the psychological perception and cognition of Guangxi Zhuang Bronze Drums. The research methodology employed is comprehensive and structured, involving a meticulous process: initially gathering data from various channels about bronze drums, subsequently delving into the nuanced historical and cultural backdrop, and meticulously exploring the artistic characteristics inherent in these remarkable instruments. Further enhancing the analysis, spectrum analysis is utilized to discern the intricate patterns and semantics of bronze drums, paving the way for a nuanced understanding of their characteristics. Building on this foundation, the article proposes a thoughtful redesign of the characteristic genes, offering a bridge between tradition and contemporary design. The research seamlessly intertwines genetic knowledge of bronze drum culture, systematically extracting the cultural genes embedded within the elaborate patterns. Practical examples are judiciously employed to underscore the feasibility and efficacy of these cultural genes, presenting a wellspring of inspiration for emerging designers. Beyond the realms of mere product development, the cultural gene theory propounded in this research opens new vistas for the inheritance and application of traditional bronze drums in design. This infusion of fresh perspectives not only renders contemporary design more personalized and humane but also significantly enhances the artistic depth and cultural resonance of design in our daily lives.


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