Job Satisfaction Among Employees in a Business Process Outsourcing Company

  • Hazezul Razman Othman
  • Kumaresh Mahalingam
  • Sanmugam Gunasekaran
  • Vincent D. Nyanaprakasam
  • Sahatish Ravintharan


The purpose of this study is to link the dependent variable, which is job satisfaction against the independent variables which are compensation, employee engagement and working environment. The research objective is to study the job satisfaction of white-collar employees located in Malaysia. To achieve this objective, we focus on one business process outsourcing company which is located in Kuala Lumpur. The total population of this study involves approximately 4000 employees of this company, with a sample size of 403. A structured online questionnaire was used to gather data. The survey results were assessed via SPPS application. Based on the study, all three independent variables which are compensation, employee engagement and working environment play an important role in job satisfaction. However, intense analysis indicates that only two out of three of the job satisfaction dimensions carriable shows highly significant effect; work engagement and work environment.


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