Unique Packaging Elements Promote Sustainable Green Packaging Design Framework

  • Shasha Zou Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Rahinah Ibrahim
  • Siti Mastura Md Ishak
  • Sazrinee Zainal Abidin


In order to adapt to the development and constant changes of society, it is necessary to produce environmentally conscious product packaging that is meaningful to the environment and society. This study is about unique packaging elements promoting sustainable green packaging design framework. This paper attempts to document unique product packaging elements to promote product packaging reuse. This paper systematically presents the literature review process of synthesizing selected literature on packaging materials, packaging shapes and packaging formats, and the paper describes the results of the literature survey on sustainable materials, unique shapes and creative connotations. The research results show that the packaging design form should be decorated with unique sustainable material elements and harmonious patterns, forming a green packaging design and promoting the reuse of product packaging. Therefore, innovative green packaging design can attract consumers and promote sustainable development. This study helps to present a framework for sustainable green packaging design. This study is of great significance for sustainable packaging using green design concepts. Future research is recommended to develop potential green product packaging, attract consumers' attention and promote the development of sustainable product packaging.


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