Customer Perception towards Muslim-Friendly Beauty and Wellness Spa Facilities

  • Zauyani Zainal Mohamed Alias
  • Nor Marlina Othman


People are more likely to visit a spa and wellness centre as their awareness of healthy lifestyles and nice personalities grows, particularly among career and working women. It is a beauty treatment centre that caters to their desire for beauty treatments that can restore, freshen, and revitalise their physical problems. Spas and wellness centres that offer Shariah-compliant products and services are frequently referred to as Muslim-Friendly Spas. It is gaining popularity as a result of the proliferation of Muslim-friendly spas in countries such as Malaysia. However, because spa and wellness is a new subject to be classified in Muslim Friendly Tourism hospitality and services, there is limited research on Muslim Friendly Spa. As a result, the purpose of this article is to present a basic framework for conceptualising the characteristics of Muslim-friendly spas and distinguishing them from ordinary spas. The development of a Muslim-friendly spa must be guided by the incorporation of Shariah principles, Islamic teaching, and all other elements of spa operations. The proposed framework for Muslim-friendly understanding of the Muslim-friendly spa analyses the notion as well as the aspects that enact the sector. The library research technique approach will be used to analyse accessible resources linked to the issue in order to satisfy the aim and produce the deliverables for this paper. The importance of this study rests in the fact that it will introduce a new dimension to the spa industry, specifically the role of the spa industry's actors, individuals, and business communities in developing novel services for Muslim users. The findings of this work will add to the body of knowledge and may pave the way for further research into the application of the Muslim-friendly spa idea.


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