The Challenges Among Quantity Surveying Students Towards the Evolution of Quantity Surveyor’s Roles and Services

  • Siti Nor Faizah Ab Malek
  • Fatin Nur Shafiqah Zamri
  • Suhaila Ali
  • Norsyazwana Jenuwa


The quantity surveying profession has undergone a significant transformation with diversified non-traditional roles and services. Currently, the quantity surveyors are expected to improve their abilities and expertise to cope with the new trends such as the Industrial Revolution of IR 4.0 and the green building technology to meet client’s demand towards multi-disciplinary skills in the construction. Therefore, the course structure provided in the universities should be aligned with the current needs of the profession so that the students aware of the current evolution of quantity surveyors’ roles and services and its challenges. The aim of this research is to determine the challenges among quantity surveying students towards the evolution of Quantity Surveyors’ roles and services. Online structured questionnaires were distributed through Google Forms to 235 targeted final-year students of the Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying program at Universiti Teknologi MARA Seri Iskandar Campus. From that number, a total of 96 responses (41%) were collected. The data is gathered and analysed by using the Statistical Package Software System (SPSS) Version 28. The findings revealed the top three challenges faced by quantity surveying students include the universities only implementing basic knowledge of quantity surveying, the lack of real-life practices experiences by the students, the universities do not provide current curricula that are compatible with the Quantity Surveyor’s evolved roles and less collaboration between the universities and the industry hinders and decrease student current knowledge towards quantity surveyor’s evolve roles and services. In conclusion, it is hoped that the findings of this research could encourage the universities to shift away their academic content and training from traditional quantity surveying technical skills to those related to the current requirement needs by the industry.


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