Provision of the Availability of Facilities in Pondok Institution in Kelantan State, Malaysia

  • Muhammad Shahrol Hafiz Ibrahim
  • Yuhainis Abdul Talib
  • Nor Aini Salleh


The pondok educational system was among the earliest structured teaching and learning concept in the Malay Archipelago that focused on Islamic studies. Since then, the development of the pondok required more attention in many aspects especially in terms of facilities provided. Inadequate facilities provided will lead to less effectiveness in teaching and learning process. Due to pondok institutions are mainly waqaf institution, it seems that most of the pondok are providing inadequate facilities for their student.  The aim of this research is to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of facilities in Pondok Institution. To achieve the aim, two objectives have been developed, (i) to assess the adequacy and sufficiency of managing the pondok facilities and (ii) to recommend valuable recommendations for creating optimal learning environments that cater to the needs of students and promote conducive learning environment. Hence the research objective of this paper is to assess the adequacy and sufficiency of the existing facilities in Pondok in meeting the educational and developmental needs of students. Prior that, comprehensive literature reviews were conducted to summarize and synthesize existing research on facilities in Pondok Institution. A qualitative data approach is used in this research, the data collected by using a method namely site visit and physical observation checklist in order to meet the objectives. The result of the study found that a holistic strategic approach and guidelines are needed for the pondok institutions to ensure the effectiveness of facilities management concept can be achieved.


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