Ergonomic Issues in Maintenance Work at Higher Learning Institutions

  • Nadira Ahzahar
  • Rabiatul Adawiyah Talib
  • Siti Zubaidah Hashim
  • Norazura Mizal Azzmi
  • Nazhatulzalkis Jamaludin
  • Norehan Mohd Noor


As many buildings were developed rapidly throughout nations there are also increment of higher learning institutions as well. The institutions buildings need to be maintained properly in order to provide shelter and comfort environment for the learning process. Maintenance work should be carried out on daily basis to keep the building performance at its best. It consists of various types of works which is repairing, servicing, and replacing. Hence its required to implement ergonomics concept in maintenance work since it helps in work efficiency and lead to productivity increment as well. Many industries have successfully implemented ergonomic solutions in their facilities but not in maintenance work. Therefore, this paper attempts to identify ergonomics issues in maintenance works especially at higher learning institutions. The opinions and views of related parties involved significantly in maintenance work were obtained from structured interviews and questionnaires to give a clearer picture of the current situation. The identified ergonomics main issue in maintenance work has been categorized into three group: Comfort, Safety and Health. It is shown that main challenges in implementing ergonomics in maintenance work is cost. Management or employer does not want to invest money in buying proper tools and more ergonomic for their employees in handling maintenance. Apart from that employees do not aware that long term exposure to incorrect ways of doing work may lead to occupational pain and it is found that 34% of the employees have experienced occupational pain syndrome such as Hand Wrist or Arm Musculoskeletal Disorder (HWAMD). Nonetheless, this paper also suggests ways to increase awareness in ergonomic in maintenance work to optimize the effectiveness and productivity of work systems while assuring the safety, health, and well-being for all.


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