Dealing with the Effects of Covid-19 on Construction Projects in Malaysia: A Contractor’s Perspective

  • Nuramira Farhana Azahar
  • Izatul Farrita Mohd Kamar
  • Nor Suzila Lop


The Covid-19 pandemic has become the year's most talked-about issue, drastically damaging the economy and the lives of many individuals and businesses operating in a variety of industries. Its effect, which varies by industry, has been enormous in the construction industry as well, causing Malaysian construction projects to suffer the consequences of the slowdown in construction activities. This study aims to improve the effects of Covid-19 in construction projects by identifying the effects of Covid-19 and determining the solutions to reduce the effects of Covid-19 in construction projects from the contractor’s perspective. This research was carried out using questionnaire surveys, with 98 responses received from 147 questionnaires distributed to Kelantan Contractors Grade G6 and G7 registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). Descriptive statistics and ranking analysis were used in data analysis. The finding shows six (6) main factors that affected construction projects due to Covid-19 were project delay, increase in project costs, financial difficulties, supply chain disruptions, workforce constraints, and a decrease in the number of projects offered. This study also finds out that there are three (3) the best ways to reduce the effects of Covid-19, which are by providing workers with health education regularly, offering jobs to qualified graduates and providing financial aid to contractors. Thus, this study is essential to be put more concern that ultimately helps to enhance the construction industry’s performance. Finally, the construction professionals, the industry, and the government will be benefited.



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