C. amboinicus vs C. scutellarioides: Foliar Growth Between Two Genotypes in Af Climate Region

  • Azran Mansor
  • Mohd Fairuz Shahidan
  • Sreetheran Maruthaveeran
  • Suhardi Maulan
  • Nur Hanim Ilias


Coleus amboinicus and Coleus scutellarioides are the Lamiaceae family's most popular tropical perennial herbs. In various studies, there was considerable evidence of their benefit and potential in these two genotypes on their pharmacological and pharmacogenetic. However, more field data must be collected on these two genotypes' foliar morphological growth performance within cultivation practices in different climate regions. It becomes significant because their foliar is closely tied to pharmacological, pharmacogenetic, and commercial values. This study implements the field experimental study to evaluate the performance of the four parameters of foliar morphological growth (leaf development stages, colour trait, size and shape, and drought resistance) of C. amboinicus vs C. scutellarioides in Perak Tengah, Malaysia (Af climate region). This paper analysed the comparison morphological growth of 240 plants (120 of each species) in 5x7 inch polybag growth for six months using vegetative cutting. Each genotype's macroscopic foliar development was extracted using an image processing technique and macroscopic daytime observation. A comparative study in the perspectives of the four parameters of morphological growth indicates that the morphological transition of C. scutellarioides is more prominent than C. amboinicus in tropical climate regions. However, the leaf drought tolerant has been reported to be better in C. amboinicus than in C. scutellariodes.


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