Assessment Tax Mapping Using GIS: A Review of Recent Research

  • Munirah Radin Mokhtar
  • Suziana Warde@Warge
  • Nor Eeda Hj Ali


Assessment tax mapping plays a crucial role in property taxation, and the integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has significantly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of this process. This paper presents a comprehensive review of recent research studies conducted from 2019 onwards, focusing on the comparative analysis of assessment tax mapping using GIS. The objective of this review is to identify common trends, methodologies, GIS outputs, and findings across the selected studies. The review reveals a range of objectives pursued in the literature, including improving assessment accuracy, streamlining data collection, and enhancing decision-making processes. The GIS outputs include thematic maps, spatial queries, and interactive dashboards, providing valuable insights for tax authorities and policymakers. The comparative analysis highlights both the strengths and limitations of the different approaches used in assessment tax mapping. The findings from this review contribute to the understanding of how GIS technology can effectively support assessment tax mapping, enabling property taxation authorities to make informed decisions and optimize revenue collection. The identified gaps and future research directions identified in this review also offer opportunities for further advancements in this field.


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