The Influence of Hashtag Engagement on Customer Brand Awareness Towards Indonesian Beauty Industry

  • Mahira Priharta


This study investigates the influence of hashtag engagement on brand awareness in the context of Indonesia's burgeoning skincare and makeup industry, which faces fierce competition among local brands. To stand out and attract customers in the digital era, establishing a strong brand identity and utilizing the right social media tools is vital. The study adopts a quantitative approach, utilizing data from an online survey conducted with 215 Indonesian customers who are daily users of social media and beauty products. The findings demonstrate a positive relationship between hashtag engagement and brand awareness, with certain hashtag characteristics, such as being written in English and including the brand name, proving most effective in enhancing brand visibility. The research contributes valuable insights for marketers seeking to optimize social media strategies and raise brand awareness within the highly competitive beauty industry. However, the study's applicability is limited to the Indonesian beauty brand market, and its reliance on self-reported survey data presents potential constraints on generalizability. Nevertheless, the study adds to the existing literature by shedding light on hashtag engagement's impact on brand awareness for Indonesian beauty brands and identifying specific hashtag attributes that attract customer interest.


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