Self-Presentation and The Use of Microcelebrities (Instafamous) As A Medium of Attraction in Product Endorsement

  • Norlis Ismail
  • Nur Safinas Albakry


: In an advanced world, humans need information every second. Everything moves fast beyond boundaries and limits. There are various communication media that can be used by the users either print media or digital media for searching information. Media plays an important role in shaping people's style and behavior. Malaysia has huge number of online shopping usage. On top of that, the most purchased product categories from the online stores in Malaysia such as fashion and accessories, beauty and health care, electronic and sports item. The development of technology brings an impact on consumer behavior. It brings emergence of social media where people can connect each other and give the easiness to find information. The aim of this research is to identify, analyze and assessing the credibility and self-presentation of Micro-Celebrities / Instafamous for Product endorsement in Malaysia. This research will provide an understanding on the issue of the micro celebrities and providing better knowledge of what are the factors influencing information adoption and how does the features provide in Instagram facilitates in the process of evaluation. Besides, the finding of this research will also contribute in the marketing field by extending knowledge of the marketers on the users of Instagram. Qualitative method is used by conducting an interview and content analysis to understand the credibility of social media influencers in ‘instagram’ towards product endorsement in Malaysia.  Therefore, the finding of this research can also be the reference or guidelines for future researchers to do their studies in relation to this topic.


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