Pre-Start-Up Planning and Enhancement of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Operational Performance in The UAE

  • Mohamed Saif Al Shehhi
  • Norhayati Zakuan
  • EditorHamda Al Hammadi


This rational research study assessed the association between Pre-start-up planning and Enhancement of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Operational Performance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The inquiry study engaged a descriptive   and correlational research strategy with quantitative prototype. A sample of 104 participants were carefully chosen using a table prepared by Morgan & Kreijcie (1970). Simple random sampling and stratified random sampling strategies were used to garner data for the research study. Details were assembled using questionnaires and evaluated utilizing frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviation and Pearson linear correlation coefficient (PLCC) were used for categorizing quantitative statistics. The study discoveries established a significant connection between Pre-start-up planning and Enhancement of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Operational Performance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).   The study concluded that Pre-start-up planning helps business people to strategically coordinate activities for businesses and avoid any regrets in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in SME’s. From the study consequences, the researchers recommended that the government of UAE should encourage its people to form groups so that government can provide financial assistance to such groups in order to foster their business performance. The government of UAE should also increase on the budget allocation to SME’s through the ministry of Economy so that SME’s can improve on their business, a scenario which may boost the economy of the country.


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