Investigation of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) Application at Precast Concrete Manufacturing Plants in Johor

  • Noor El-Eyouene Abd. Ghani
  • Nor Haslinda Abas
  • Muhamad Hanafi Rahmat


Design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) has been applied in the construction industry by simplifying manufacturing and assembly activities. This has raised the issue of whether the implementation of DfMA can streamline manufacturing and assembly activities in precast concrete manufacturing plants, and its implementation remains doubtful as there is no information on either company websites or leaflets stating that they practice the DfMA concept. Considering these issues, this study sought to investigate the DfMA application of this concept in precast concrete manufacturing actual practice. This study used semi-structured interviews to collect all the data needed from 3 selected interviewees, each representing different precast concrete plants in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. As a result, each of the DfMA principles studied was discussed, and all the interviewees had their different opinions and perspectives on each of the DfMA principles examined. The study revealed that each of the selected manufacturing plants had only applied some of the principles of this concept. The linkage between the literature review and the results obtained revealed that some of the precast manufacturing plants have applied the DfMA principles, whereas others have only partially applied the principles studied. In conclusion, the DfMA principles studied have provided different views and opinions to the researcher for a better understanding of DfMA application and real practice in precast manufacturing plants.


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