The Relationship Between E-Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Internet Banking in Klang Valley, Malaysia

  • Hazezul Razman Othman
  • Roslan bin Mohd. Rose
  • Mohd. Saiful Mohd. Potri
  • Mohd. Firdaus Ibrahim
  • Ahmad Ashraf Paharodzi


Internet banking has drastically grown in usage over the last decade and is anticipated to continue developing at a rapid rate. As a result, banks are facing greater challenges with intense competition. Nonetheless, banks can maintain their competitive advantages by ensuring that their customers are satisfied.  This study seeks to provide empirical evidence regarding the level of customer satisfaction with internet banking service quality in the Klang Valley. The six factors which can influence customer satisfaction toward internet banking include reliability, security, responsiveness, information, website design and privacy. 163 usable data were obtained through a survey form that was distributed randomly within Klang Valley. Overall the outcome of e-service quality analyses, indicates that it has a significant effect towards customer satisfaction on internet banking services within Klang Valley. However, intense analysis indicates that three out of six of the e-service quality dimensions carriable shows highly significant effect; reliability, security and website design variables.


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