Copyright Protection and Risk Prevention of Short Video Platform

  • Shi Bohan
  • Nazura Abdul Manap


In the new media era, the short video industry is booming, but it has also become the hardest hit area for copyright infringement. In practice, there are problems such as low cost of copyright infringement, high concealment, difficulty in judicial rights protection, and huge differences in the realization of original authors' income. Given the significant challenges involved in managing copyright infringement in the short video industry, it is imperative to identify and implement an appropriate regulatory and legal framework that can effectively address these issues. This will require close collaboration between industry stakeholders, including content creators, platform providers and legal authorities. In this context, it is urgent to standardize and manage short video copyright infringement issues, and effectively protect the copyright of short videos, so as to regulate the proliferation of infringements, encourage short video creators to carry out cultural creation, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the short video industry.


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