Understanding Customer Satisfaction Towards Delivery Services of E-Commerce

  • Tong Mei Hui
  • Goh Mei Ling
  • Tan Seng Huat


This study intends to investigate the effect of the factors, namely price, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy on customer satisfaction towards the e-commerce delivery services. A total of 311 respondents were recruited using convenience sampling to participate in this study. All the measurements of constructs were adapted from previous studies. The reliability of the variables was assessed using the Cronbach’s alpha and multiple regression analysis was performed to examine the effect of all the factors in the research model on customer satisfaction. The findings have shown that all the variables, namely price, reliability, assurance, and empathy have a positive influence on customer satisfaction with e-commerce delivery services. Responsiveness, however, has no influence on customer satisfaction. Assurance was revealed to be the strongest predictor of customer satisfaction. The second strongest factor was empathy. Understanding factors influencing the delivery services of e-commerce is essential as it is able to provide useful information for the delivery service company which will help them to enhance the quality of their services. The findings of this study would provide an insight of the customer satisfaction towards the delivery services of e-commerce during the COVID-19 from Malaysian’s perspective.


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