Governance, Accountability and Transparency Level of Non-Profit Organisation: A Study Of Malaysian Foundations

  • Norziana Lokman
  • Sarina Othman
  • Nur Aida Mohd Kamal


Earlier research on corporate governance in Malaysia tended to concentrate on businesses listed on the Bursa Malaysia. This study employs the content analysis method and examines the degree of governance, accountability, and transparency across 45 CLBG Foundations in Malaysia to further explore corporate governance. The two key criteria used to choose the sample were the foundations incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (CLBG) with the CCM and those that are subsidiaries of the parent company listed on the Bursa Malaysia. Analysis shows that most of the CLBG Foundations did not have their own websites and did not publish annual reports. Malaysian CLBG Foundations were found to still have low accountability, transparency, and governance, which supports the need for a law requiring NPOs, specifically CLBG Foundations, to disclose information about themselves to enhance their governance, accountability, and transparency. More stringent regulations will enhance the foundations' governance, accountability and transparency, and boost stakeholder confidence to continue their support and donations. The government should also design a good governance code suitable for the adoption of all Malaysian NPOs in Malaysia. We also recommend the creation of a single regulatory body responsible for monitoring the operations and activities of all NPOs in the country.


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