Rubber and Elastomer Industry in Taiwan: A Study of Rubber & Elastomer Industry in Taiwan

  • Kuo-Liang Chen


Its purpose is widely distributed. It is one of important raw material and can be used and cover in high-tech industries, traditional industries or relevance of human life various and other related industries. Therefore, in the global raw materials supply chain, it definitely plays a decisive role. In this paper is not only to explore the Rubber origin and introduce, but also to cited the major global supply chains and markets artery. The Rubber industry is sprouting in Taiwan since after World War II, such as Formosa Chemicals, TSRC, CSRC, polyethylene and other petrochemical industrial. In response to domestic need, include as tyres, shoe, the cable, ball, high-tech industries, and even to traditional industries and consumer goods, and so on. So the utilization of distributed  is broad  and deep. Yeu Guan Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Because of entering to this market early; thinking and certainly, Rubber will be infinitely extended to be a major raw materials and to become one of major raw materials in worldwide related companies. Therefore, to start supply the tyre industry at the beginning, and step by step to contact different type of enterprises and become the upstream major Rubber material supplier. This study is explaining the operation strategy of rubber industry under Yeu Guan, how to manage the company to face the global market changed and to create new market operation. The main purpose is to create new aspect of rubber industry, by collecting price reunion and challenge hurdles.


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