Research on Urban Subway Space Design Based on Regional Cultural Elements

  • Wang Yujue
  • Mat Redhuan Samsudin


The objective of this study is to design subway station space by integrating regional cultural elements, explore the law of urban development and user experience needs, deduce the application trend of regional culture in public space design, and promote the benign development of human society. The historical background and development status of urban subway space construction were investigated. Based on the analysis of the development of regional cultural space of individual subway stations in Xi 'an, this paper studies the design ideas of regional culture mining, one station with one feature, and using subway public space to create a city name card. This paper analyzes the construction direction of subway space in the development of urban characteristics, and summarizes the necessity of reflecting the regional culture in the icon, wall, and interior decoration of station development. Regional visual elements should be injected into the construction of subway public space, and humanized design should be taken into account on the basis of the standardized function of information transmission, so as to provide a convenient and comfortable underground transportation environment for users, establish public cultural identity and sense of urban belonging through regional cultural elements, and guide the external publicity of urban image.


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