Tenant Rental System Using CodeIgniter and Bulma

  • Napisah Harun
  • Suhaila Mohd Zain


Along with the rapid and advanced development of technology pushes towards the paperless. The habit of the system or the access process which is implemented manually, has been changed to become more systematic, fast and organized by using the system. Before the proposed system were developed, the room and workspace rental monitoring process only used manual methods such as key in the data using Microsoft Office Excel. This causes the data access process to be slow and also causes data duplication. A manual approach is no longer relevant with today's rapid technological progress. The purpose of this research paper is to study the development of Tenant Rental System by using CodeIgniter and Bulma framework which will simplify the management process between admin, staff and tenant and will also make it easier for tenants to check the amount of current rental that needs to be paid. The agile model has been chosen as a methodology that will help the development process of this system. In conclusion, this project will be able to help the management in monitoring the rental management process. In addition, this project can also help tenants monitor their rental payments online.


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