An Assessment on The Influence of Social Media on Public Relations Practice

  • Omotola Nejo
  • Lanre Amodu


The influence of social media on public relations practice since its advent cannot be under estimated as it has been a paradigm shift to the usual practice for monologue to the infusion of analogue. The paper is of the position that despite the benefits and the huge influence of social media platforms on public relations practice yet faced with challenges. Drawing from evidences from previous literature researched on, it explores the integrations of social media in public relations practice and it explores Public relations influence in a digitized media space. The paper adopted the two-way symmetrical model and diffusion of innovation theory. This paper concludes that Public relations practitioners are to maximally engage the tool of social media and other new media platforms at their disposal. Also, it posited that the profession must also be open to dynamism via constant, relevant and up-to-date trainings and exposure.


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