• June C. Dohilag St. Michael’s College of Iligan, Iligan City, PHILIPPINES


This study ascertained to investigate service quality and customer value hierarchy of banks in Iligan City. This study made used of correlational-descriptive design to provide good analysis and interpretation of the results. The researcher utilized the standard questionnaires of Service Quality Component by Panasuraman, Zeithaml, & Berry and Customer Value Hierarchy of Philip Kotler to evaluate banks in Iligan City. In the analysis of data of this study, frequency and percentage, weighted mean, t-test and f-test, and correlational analysis were employed. Results of studies revealed that service quality and customer value hierarchy are both significant partners towards achieving customer satisfaction in the banking industry, thus, banks personnel should work hand in hand for the visualization of their goals in maintaining loyal clients and patronizing their banks. It was evident that providing the best clients service was significant in conducive emotional competence or competitive advantage of the banks and increase the population of the clients. Finding also validates that both service quality and customer value hierarchy shows a great significant in sustaining the clients secured and have the assurance in their finances through banking.


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