The Impact of Transformative Digital Leadership on Organizational Innovation: A Case Study of Successful Digital Transformation

  • Yang Yansen
  • Zhou Yujie


The rapid advancement of digital technologies has necessitated organizations to adapt and innovate to remain competitive. Digital leadership, therefore, plays a critical role in driving the successful transformation of organizations. This research paper delves into the impact of transformative digital leadership on organizational innovation through an in-depth case study of a company that has successfully navigated the digital transformation journey. The primary focus of the investigation is to understand how digital leaders influence strategic direction and decision-making processes to foster organizational innovation and agility. To achieve this, the study will examine digital leaders' approaches, practices, and behaviors in the case company. It will also identify the key factors that enable a successful digital transformation and how these leaders can drive organizational innovation. By presenting empirical evidence and insights from the case study, the paper aims to contribute to the academic discourse on digital leadership and its implications for organizational innovation. This research will be precious for organizations seeking to understand the crucial elements of effective digital leadership and how it can be harnessed to stimulate innovation and ensure the long-term success of digital transformation initiatives.


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